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Metric Climbing

PICO edges

PICO edges

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The PICO edges are for the handful of minimum edge specialists that may or may not exist in our world.

This set exists primarily to serve as inspiration next to regular hangboard edges. Just in case, PICO edges exist for the mythical beings that may actually be able to take hangs to this level. This set starts at 3.50mm and takes a single half millimeter step down to 3.00mm. After that, the set introduces quarter millimeter steps giving you 2.75mm, 2.50mm, 2.25mm before hitting 2.00mm. It's not proven that these quarter millimeter steps make any difference but if you're training in this range, these extra steps will probably help.

Each edge size features a variable edge radius down to a minimum of 1.5mm. Why? Skin and pain. A 1.5mm edge radius is what we determined to be a rough threshold for unexpected skin tearing if you're not careful. Yes, 1.5mm is 75% of 2.0mm (don't worry, it will still feel sharp).

Take care to not overtighten these edges when installing.

For more information on the design behind the edges, look for a link at the bottom of the page.

6 pairs of precision hangboard training edges. 







*Mounting hardware is not included. 

**These edges are intended for static hangboard use only.

***Not intended for outdoor use.

Edge sets are made to order.

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