Matt Chapman

Coach Matt Chapman

    Performance Climbing Head Coach at Boulder Parc in Toronto

      International Competition Athlete & Coach Consultant

      IG: @coachmattchapman

      "Building strong fingers requires consistency and data. To build an effective finger strength program I need to measure things like time under tension, loading, interval training reps, and so on. But to do this well, I first need dead-accurate edges that still provide comfort and functionality. I've been waiting for these for a very long time. And now they are here! Metric Climbing edges are 3D printed, which means when I have my athletes doing a test pull on 4.5mm edges, for example, I can know for certain that they are on computer generated 4.5mm. These edges also have great texture - not texture that has been added afterwards, but texture that has been built into the design. It's nuts. The edge radius is also perfect. I've been testing these edges for the past year, and their durability, functionality, precision, weight, and aesthetics, make Metric Climbing Edges the top of the line."



      Dallas Mix

      Team Canada Coach

        Masters of Coaching

          IG: @rocprof 

          “The systematic approach these edges allow me to take when it comes to training is better than anything on the market today. Hunter’s deliberate and systematic approach to creating these tools mirrors the scientific approach I want to take when training athletes. Progressive overloading is key to building strength and these edges provide incremental increases in difficulty with scientific precision. Variety is important in training and these edges provide every option you could possibly want”