Who we are 

From Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Metric Climbing has a mission to design and provide comprehensive training tools for climbers through digital parametric modelling techniques. Digital fabrication will never replace the handcrafted goods that fill our climbing gyms but it opens up potential for design in a way that compliments existing ecosystems. 

Metric Climbing is a company focused on designing specialized climbing training tools for climbers. Through advanced digital parametric modelling techniques and fabrication, Metric Climbing is there to fill gaps in your training.

Calgary can see snow 8 months of the year. With this much winter, we know a thing or two about training. Pair this with years of high level competition climbing, outdoor route development, coaching, and professional design experience and you'll have a picture of the kind of minds that make up Metric Climbing.



Metric Climbing was established in 2019 as a digital hold manufacturing company. The potential existed to design shapes digitally that were not realistic by traditional hand carved methods but the technology to produce them was not quite there to meet the desired level of execution. Fast forward to 2022 and the technology is here to execute the dream. We've been modelling, refining textures, sourcing material, hardware, creating graphics, and testing for years in commercial and private settings. There have been hundreds and hundreds of prototypes produced to get to where we are today. It's about time this work saw the light of day.


Who is Metric Climbing for?

Let's start with who it's not for: People who are chaotic, unorganized, unstructured, unfocused. Climbers that don't really care for pushing difficulty.

So who is it for? Metric Climbing is for those that want consistency and have an appreciation for the minute details down to the millimeter and degree. Climbers who see the gaps in specificity in climbing training. Climbers that understand how an extra couple of mm of a crystal can give you the surface you need to stick a move. 

At Metric Climbing, we strive to produce comprehensive, meticulously designed tools so that you can have the most systematic training tools at your disposal.