Precision Hangboard Edges

These are not your average hangboard edges.

Metric Climbing Hangboard Edges have gone through years of iterations through hundreds of prototypes. With feedback from world class athletes and coaches from around the world and testing in commercial facilities, these edges are ready for your training.

Through high level parametric digital modelling and fabrication, all edges are precise to 0.1mm.



SELECT edges

A sample of edges from 14.00mm to 4.0mm to give you a taste of the full range.



MACRO edges

The largest set of edges gives you a taste of minimum edge training.

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MINI edges

These edges cover a range appropriate for many hangboard protocols.

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MICRO edges

The first step into single digit minimum edge hangs. Half millimeter steps give you the added granularity you need for more consistent progression.

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NANO edges

The road to 4 mil was never straight forward. The NANO edge set gives you the stepping stones to get there.

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PICO edges

This set won't be popular for training. But if they're on the wall, they may inspire and create legends.

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  • Systematic Design

    "The systematic approach these edges allow me to take when it comes to training is better than anything on the market today."
  • Texture

    "These edges also have great texture - not texture that has been added afterwards, but texture that has been built into the design. It's nuts. The edge radius is also perfect."
  • In Action

    "I've been testing these edges for the past year, and their durability, functionality, precision, weight, and aesthetics, make Metric Climbing Edges the top of the line."
  • Hangboard Training

    "I have tried many hangboards and tools to train my fingers but these are probably one of the best I had the chance to get my fingers on. It will help me achieve my goal to train my finger strength slowly without big gaps and preparing my fingers to sustain the loads on very tiny/ sharp edges."
  • Texture

    "The grip/texture is not too much so it won't leave your skin raw but just enough so you can get a good grip."
  • Hangboard Training

    "Progressive overloading is key to building strength and these edges provide incremental increases in difficulty with scientific precision. Variety is important in training and these edges provide every option you could possibly want”
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