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Metric Climbing

MORPHO edge - 25mm

MORPHO edge - 25mm

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Morphology is the study of the size, shape and structure of organisms and their relationships of their constituent parts.

The MORPHO edge is designed to be a small form factor portable training device to reduce the uneven loads on your fingers that traditional flat edge training induces on your digits.

Your fingers are not all the same length - the tips of your fingers naturally forms an arc. When forced to lay flat on an edge, your fingers are loaded unevenly - leading to overuse on some fingers and underutilization on others. Do this repeatedly and this leads to imbalanced finger strength development and increased injury risk. 

The ideal training edge is the one made for your fingers. The MORPHO edge is not specific for your hand but if sized correctly, it will be far more ergonomic for your fingers than any flat edge. 

Sizing Guide

Measure the total width of 4 of your finger tips and see below for size.

XS: <70mm

S: 75mm

M: 80mm

L: 85mm

XL: >90mm

Other features:

- Wall mountable

- Angle adjustable

*Mounting hardware is not included. 

 Edges are made to order.

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