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Metric Climbing

Metric Roller

Metric Roller

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The Metric Roller is a specialized training tool for wrist strength development. 

Wrist strength development is an often overlooked gap in climbing training. Pressing, sloper and pinch proficiency can be correlated with wrist strength. The wrist connects the hand to the rest of the body - it's a critical link in the chain.

When setup, the load is offset from your grip, forcing your forearm to stay flexed as gravity tries to open your wrist. The cord allows the weight to remain in one movement plane to provide continuous resistance through various wrist positions The leverage created from this offset balance point challenges wrist engagement similar to optimal body positions when climbing on slopers. 

Traditionally, wrist wrench designs tend to be based off of a round tube profile. The downside of a round tube design is that it places strong emphasis on grip strength in addition to wrist strength, reducing specificity and increases variables for less consistent training. Furthermore, cord based designs have the issue of the cord slipping off of the ends if not engaged carefully. 

The Metric Roller is designed to focus the work on wrist engagement via an ergonomic octagonal profile. This unique shape allows your fingers to wrap an edge, not a round tube so that the focus in on your wrist, not your grip. Additionally the ends of the Metric Roller feature channels for the cord to fall into, alleviating the concern of cord slippage when lifting heavy. 

*Carabiner NOT included.

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