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Loaf Pinch

Loaf Pinch

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Developed in collaboration with climber and grip sport specialist Noah Snow, The Loaf Pinches are designed with the goal of creating an ergonomic pinch grip training solution that aims to reduce dry fires and slippage while providing an adequate level of challenge throughout the sizes. The ergonomics and texture were carefully blended specifically to promote a confidence inspiring grip so that you can focus on the pinch and not worry about slippage. Each size is a standalone pinch to reduce complexity so you can train with simplicity.

Many pinch blocks on the market tick the boxes for some key features but what makes The Loaf Pinches stand out is how they tick the right combination of key features. Pinch training is simple but if the tools you use aren't comfortable, reliable and condition dependent, that just adds a barrier you don't need. The Loaf Pinches feature Metric's specialized texture that's paired with thoughtfully sculpted ergonomics, prioritizing a comfortable but challenging grip that you will want to return to again and again. Ergonomics in itself make for a good training tool but what makes the Loaf Pinches great is the carefully tuned loading system that biases the weight over the thumb. This defining feature provides load distribution that strongly discourages the ability to cheat the pinch through wrist flexion, while still requiring nuanced specificity through engagement through your fingertips. This carefully curated assortment of features result in one of the most refined series of pinch blocks out there.

4 Sizes Available:

  • 25mm (1.0")
  • 50mm (2.0")
  • 75mm (3.0")
  • 100mm (4.0")

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