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Hold Up! - A Climbing Game

Hold Up! - A Climbing Game

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Are you ready to test your speed, agility, and wit with this fun, fast paced, pocket sized climbing game?

Hold Up! is a game that revolves around 5 miniature climbing holds and a deck of cards. The cards have a fun theme showcasing the perspective of climbing holds in the gym.

The game and bag weighs just 120 grams and fits in the palm of your hand! Fits great in your pack, simple to play but tricky to master. Take your mind off the proj as you rest between burns or bring it with you on a backpacking trip as lightweight entertainment.

2-8 players

10-15 minutes

How to win:

Win by collecting the most cards by the end of the game.


Arrange the holds equally spaced in a circle in the middle of all of the players.

How to Play:

Each turn involves flipping one card over and everyone races to grab  a hold. Grab the correct hold, and you keep the card. Grab the wrong hold and you return a card to the deck.

How to identifying the correct hold:

A: If the card shows a hold of the same shape and colour as one of the holds in the circle, grab that hold.

B: Iff the holds on the card do not match any in the circle in shape and colour (A), grab the odd one out - the hold that is not shown in shape or colour.

If you see someone grab the wrong hold, yell "Hold Up!" and they must give a card back to the deck as a penalty for grabbing the wrong hold. 

There are 3 modifier cards to add some spice to the game - when flipped, follow the instructions on the card.

When there are no more cards to draw, the game ends. Everyone counts their cards to determine the winner.


Have fun!

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