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Crag Block Plus

Crag Block Plus

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A block that you won't mind hiking with.

If you've climbed in Alberta, you know that the approaches can be long and the destination might have poor warmups. Do you really enjoy hiking up a hefty block of wood that you use two holds on? The Crag Block is Metric's solution to this problem.

The big brother to the original Crag Block, the Plus edition introduces some larger edge sizes that compliment the assortment on its little brother. Still lightweight at 100 grams, this ergonomic, feature rich portable hangboard solution is a tool you can use to warmup with at the crag or train indoors. It feels great in the hand and fits in your pocket.

Each hold is digitally sculpted with precision to prioritize comfort so that the block is a tool that you return to again and again.

The cord geometry allows for 3 angle settings ranging from incut to flat to slopey, giving each hold 3 angle options.

Metric has the best digitally sculpted texture on the market. It allows you to grip holds without fear of dryfiring and is tuned to be skin friendly. The texture location is precisely located to reduce unnecessary skin wear and promote ergonomics. It feels even better with chalk.

Outdoor climbers are often faced with less than skin friendly holds. The integrated skin file provides a convenient solution to promote longer lasting skin so that you can climb more,

Hold List:

  • 25mm incut edge
    • The warmup and heavy lifting edge.
    • The edge radius and incut is carefully designed for open and half crimp positions. The incut and edge base curvature is tuned with the texture to provide a confidence inspiring edge for you to get ready to try hard and to try very hard. The base of the edge is frictionless and nestles your tips for a great tactile experience.
    • Unlike the 20mm edge on the original Crag Block, the 25mm features a subtle ridge centered at the base of the edge. This ridge helps with tactile wayfinding while subtly transferring very light load from your overworked middle finger to your other digits.
  • 15mm edge
    • Not as incut as the 25mm edge, the 15mm preps your fingers for more specific crimping. Like the 25mm edge, the 15mm is tuned for conducive open and half crimp grips.
  • 10mm edge
    • the 10mm edge has the most dramatic difference in feel when you swap the cord configuration from incut to flat. As you grip smaller and smaller holds, the difficulty and specificity increases. When incut, the edge will feel best as an open hand crimp. It will also feel larger than 10mm... Because it is greater than 8mm. The measurement of the curvature brings that edge to skin contract distance closer to 12mm. Flip the cord to the flat configuration and it will feel like a 10mm edge that you need to half crimp. The geometry just makes it conducive for an engaged crimp. If you're crimping a micro edge, you're likely half or closed crimping it like you might this 8mm. That's why it's designed this way.
  • Pinch
    • The 60mm (about 2.5") pinch is tapered to flow with the curvature of the edges, reducing weight and material while providing an incut or slopey pinch depending on if you pull from the top or bottom. 
    • A lot of portable blocks claim that you can pinch them. This pinch is actually ergonomic.
  • Pocket
    • At either end of the block, there's a step between the 25mm and 15mm edges that provide you an ergonomic opportunity for two finger pocket pulls for both your front and middle pairs. The corners of the edges are sculpted to give you a comfort focused incut that nestles your fingers in just the right way. So comfortable that even monos are tempting.
  • Skin File
    • The inset skin file is designed to be flush or slightly recessed from the bottom of the block to be less intrusive when you don't need the sanding but proud enough that you can file down your tips with precision.
  • Cord
    • The cord is manufacturer rated for 550lbs of force. The bright sheath allows for easy identification in the depths of your bag and so you don't forget it at the crag.

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