MC Athlete _ Brendan McCallion

Brendan McCallion

Edmonton, Alberta 

IG: @themccallionstallion


Short Term Goals:

- First Flight (5.14c)

- Queen Bee (5.14b)

- Fat Bird (5.14a)


Long Term Goals:

- Send every esteblished route at the Coliseum in Canmore, AB

- Redpoint 5.15 (Sacrifice)

- Climb 5.14 on gear

- Climb V14


Athlete Bio:

"My name is Brendan McCallion, I am an obsessive and endlessly psyched sport climber from Alberta. My passion lies outside, particularly in Canmore, home to some of the best climbing in North America. I’ve been climbing for roughly 4 years and love to see the continual progression that comes with always pushing my limits. Over the years I’ve climbed up to 5.14 sport and v12 boulder, having climbed 13b within my first season. I love projecting. I love finding a seemingly unattainable goal, breaking it down, and training specifically for that goal. Metric edges give me the opportunity to do just that. For these projects the more granular I can get with my approach to training the more chance at success I have. Metric gives me the opportunity to do just that. With edges that go down in increments of 1.0mm or less, I can always seek to improve my
ability to hang onto really small holds. I am extremely psyched to be part of a climbing company as excited about climbing and training as I am, and look forward to hanging off those 2.5mm edges one day!!"