Installation Guide

Before You Begin

Metric Climbing hangboard edges are specifically designed to be used for static hangboard training. They are NOT intended for or have been tested for use as regular climbing holds or campus rungs. Climbing holds in North America standardize the use of #9 construction screws. Metric Climbing screw on edges are designed for use with M4 flat head construction screws - this is intentional to provide allow a consistent washer size and location on every hangboard edge in the lineup. Other screw types may work but we can only recommend the use of M4 flat head screws that are screwed in with a minimum fully thread depth of 5/8" (19mm) into 3/4" (19mm) baltic birch plywood. 

Metric Climbing Edges are flexible in their mounting configurations as each edge from each pair can be mounted to suit your needs. These edges are intended to be used for typical hangboard training and it is expected that they will be mounted horizontally on an indoorlevel surface


Mounting Specifications

For accuracy and benchmarking, it is critical to ensure that the mounting surface is level and that the edges are mounting flush to that level surface.

Layout the edges in the desired configuration and take care to accurately predrill the mounting holes for the screws.

Ensure that one M4 flat head construction screw is tightened through each metal washer with a minimum of 5/8" (19mm) of screw threads penetrating the mounting surface before use. Ensure that the screw is seated in the washer so that the flat head is level with the outer edge of the washer. Do not overtighten.

Ensure that the edges are horizontally and vertically level with the edge size and text legible.


Mounting Configurations

Each pair of edges can be mounted to suit your training setup. The edges are designed to fit beneath hangboards on existing setups or as a standalone hangboard layout.

Note: if you intend on full crimping, provide at least an additional 10mm of vertical space between edges.