Precision Manufacturing

Digital modelling and additive manufacturing allows Metric Climbing to produce the most comprehensive hangboard training edges on the market.

Consistently accurate production means consistent accurate training.


Made in the North

In Alberta, Canada, we get snow up to 8 months of the year.

We know a thing or two about training.


What are Metrics?

"Metrics are defined increments of change in a specific field of study."

Some climbing metrics:

  • Grades (V9, 5.12, 8a)
  • Campus Board (1-5-9)
  • 1-rep Max Pullup (+50kg)

Great goals are measurable and prioritized. Having the right metrics for your goals is the best way to track progress by providing you a clear cut measure of achievement towards your goals.

Metric Climbing provides you the tools to add precision to add higher resolution for your goals.

"What gets measured gets improved."

What are your metrics?



Products by Metric Climbing are made with industrial compostable bioplastics made with polylactic acid derived from corn. When correctly composted in an industrial facility, the material fully degrades with no toxic residues and the compost supports plant growth. For every kg of material used, one tree gets planted. Product packaging is fully recyclable.

  • Matt Chapman

    "Metric edges give me the precision, comfort and functionality I've been looking for. Most of our training is done on the Core Set (14mm - 4mm). But every few months we jump on the Pico set, to see who can throw down! (3.5mm-2mm)"

    Performance Climbing Head Coach at Boulder Parc, Toronto

    International Competition Athlete & Coach Consultant



    Prefered Metrics:

    - Edge Size Variations for Offset Work

    - Edge Size Based Circuits into Endurance hangs

    - Minimum Edge Testing

  • Jenice Ma

    "As a full-time athlete, it's always nice to be able to do some training outside of the climbing gym, and Metric's edges give me the flexibility to do almost all of my finger training from home. Metric’s edges are also far more accurate than any commercial hangboard, which allows me to precisely track my training and progress."

    Flashed Athlete

    CCC Athlete

    Metric Climbing Athlete

    Top 25 Canadian Boulder/Lead



    Prefered Metrics:

    - Bicep Size

    - Outdoor Boulders

    - Competition Rankings

  • Josh Muller

    "The incremental increase in difficulty and rung size is a valuable and rare tool in climbing. These small adjustments can allow you to push yourself better than anything on the market."

    Climbing for 32 Years
    Hangboarding for over 20 Years
    5.14d First Ascensionist
    V14 Climber
    Gym Owner & Coach



    Prefered Metrics:

    - Weight Added
    - Rung Size
    - PRE

  • Vanessa Ma

    "I have tried many hangboards and tools to train my fingers but these are probably some of the best I had the chance to get my fingers on."

    Metric Climbing Athlete

    Started Climbing at 30
    Goal: Send V10 This Fall



    Prefered Metrics:

    - Edge Size

  • Dallas Mix

    "Progressive overloading is key to building strength and these edges provide incremental
    increases in difficulty with scientific precision"

    Team Canada Coach

    Masters Of Coaching


    Prefered Metrics:

    - Edge Size Used
    - Athlete Response (RPE)
    - Force Production (Tindeq)
    - Weight Added

  • Paige Boklaschuk

    "I can’t wait to integrate these into my training routine!"

    Team Canada Athlete

    IFSC Bouldering

    Climbing Coach



    Prefered Metrics:

    -Feeling on the wall

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