MC Athlete _ Rauth Clement

Rauth Clement

Calgary, Alberta 



Short Term Goals:

- Finishing up local V11 projects

- 10 second front lever


Long Term Goals:

- Climb V12/13

- Climb 5.14a

- Find and establish boulders in Alberta



Athlete Bio:

"My name is Rauth Clement and I have been climbing since 2011. My early climbing years were spent on long and technical multi-pitch or alpine routes in the Rockies and honing my onsight ability on single-pitch sport or trad routes. I have done a considerable amount of route-setting and also have a bit of competition experience competing as a sponsored athlete on the CCC pro team in 2018 and 2019. Since then my priorities have shifted to bouldering and boulder development in Alberta. As a result of my experience, I have a pretty well-rounded base of technical movement literacy but feel I have plenty of room to grow as far as finger strength and pure power is concerned. This is why I am excited to have Metric Climbing behind me as I progress in climbing and training on specific edges. When I am not pulling on rock or plastic you can find me involved with the music scene in Calgary as a junior high band teacher or a professionally gigging bass player."