What are Metrics?


Metrics are defined increments of measurement in a specific field of study.

Common daily metrics:

  • Sleep (8 hours)
  • Measurement (25.4mm)
  • Temperature (21° C)

 Common climbing metrics:

  • Bouldering (V9)
  • Ape index (+2")

 Common climbing training metrics:

  • Minimum edge hang (6mm)
  • Campus board (1-5-9)
  • 1-rep max pullup (+50kg)

Unique daily metrics:

  • Time spent commuting (39 minutes)

Unique climbing metrics:

  • # of times you stuck the crux hold perfectly in that session (3)
  • # of times you sent after sticking the crux hold perfectly (0)
  • Conditions (partly cloudy, 20% humidity, 10° C)
  • Time between burns (5 minutes)


Many things in life and climbing can be measured. You can use established metrics or make up your own but you should be intentional with which metrics you focus on and simplify that list or you'll be spending all of your time measuring instead of doing.

"Less is more."

The majority of people don't track metrics for the sake of tracking metrics. Those interested in tracking metrics are interested in progress. Those interested in progress are interested in the achievement of goals. Metric Climbing has the goal of creating the tools to add granularity to create the stepping stones from one goal to the next. 


Successful goals are SMART:



Attainable (I disagree with this occasionally)




All goals should be made with intention and any secondary or tertiary goals should contribute to the long term primary goal. Having the right metrics for your primary goal is the only way to meaningfully track progress. 


"What gets measured gets improved."


What are your METRICS?


- Hunter Lee

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