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Metric Climbing



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The TRIPTYCH systems feet series gives you systematic options for your board training and general.


Systems boards and spray walls essentially exist for training. The TRIPTCH systems feet offer a systematic way to tailor your training.

Set B1

Designed for steep angles (30-40 degrees), Set B1 includes 10 shapes with 3 different height profiles offers your 30 screw on foot holds you can use to scale the difficulty of your problems through your footwork. Each foothold is symmetrical along its long axis.

Systematic foot tension training.

The foot holds are designed to be set in color coded clusters of 3 so that you can scale the difficulty of your problem or circuit based on the size you choose. 

30 footholds - 10 per each size

10 x Easy 

10 x Medium

10 x Hard 


*Mounting hardware is not included - use #9 rated construction screws. 

**Set can be purchased with a single color or multiple colors.

***Take care when using impact drivers.

****Not intended for outdoor use.


Sets are made to order.

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